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clear coating wheels

I just bought a set of 10.5 x 17 wheels from ASF. -not arrived yet-
I was wondering it would beneficial for me to put another coat of clear coat ?
I don't think the clear coat on the new wheels is going to be as good as
a real coat of clear. I was thinking of Macco?

Or any other trick to keep the wheels looking good?
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Re: clear coating wheels

My experience with AFS was that the 17x10.5 set I bought in ~2015 was much better (likely thicker) than when I first bought my 17x9 set in ~2013. My 17x10.5 set is still holding up great and look much better than my 17x9 set. I can't vouch for the current sets they are selling, but I don't think I'd mess with them if they were mine, until you see signs of an issue. I'd just make sure you keep them waxed regularly (or coated if that's your preference).

I think I saw on one of your other posts that you daily your Mach. When I daily'd mine back in the day, I swapped wheels during the winter months to keep road salt off the AFS wheels. I'd do that if you live in an area where it snows. That will keep your AFS looking nice too.
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Re: clear coating wheels

never dealt with AFS, but never had a problem with clear coat on any wheels i've had. I think I would just wait and do it, if there is a problem that comes up. besides that I wouldn't bother.

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