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Re: autoart Mach and Mach painting copy

Originally Posted by HAEG View Post
I see the Auto Art cars going for $300+ on eBay like new in box. I own 2 one in a box and the other out on display. Mine is missing the wiper blades and the rear spoiler that fell off when my one son got up on a chair took it down and played with it maybe 15 years ago or so after that I bought a second one. He's now 18 and trying to take the real Mach 1 out to play... I keep telling him I remember the last time and I don't want it back missing parts again.. lol
If it makes you feel any better, my one and only TR one that I had fell to a similar fate at the hands of my son. Took it completely apart...could not find most of the parts. I might have the wiper blades somewhere in my toolbox, LOL. If I ever see them or the spoiler again I will let you know...

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