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Originally Posted by DanK View Post
I wouldn't use the 5w30. The reason Ford says 5w20 is to get oil to the cam journals quickly, also the thinner weight oil will delay lifter pump up (i.e. valve float as a result). I doubt anyone will reach the rpm it takes to bring on float with 5w30 though. I think around 7000rpms. Just use what Ford recommends to be safe. Btw, no problems using 0w20 here. Same protection on these close tolerance engines. It's not like the old days. Besides, on startup, I want oil to get to every part of engine as quickly as possible to prevent wear, which in turn, will increase tolerances.
Man, I just changed to Royal Purple 5W-30 recently. I finally gave in to so many that said 5W-20 was specifically for meeting C.A.F.E. Then I read this thread about cam journal lubrication. Good grief! Now in questioning my decision again. I wish there was something definitive to make up my GD mind! I'm gonna have my Mach for the rest of my driving years. She's got 45,300 miles. Anybody got any definitive answer with some data or article to back it up?
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