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Tuning & Dyno Testing/Results Questions, experiences & results for electronic tuning and dyno tests

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one mach 1
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Re: Do gears affect Dyno Numbers?

Originally Posted by jh 2004 mach View Post
my tuner told me to put my gears in before the tune because they would load the motor at diffrent rpms than the stock gears i dont know if thats true but now i wonder what my 318rwhp would be with out 430s and 10.5dds with315s
Just drive the car, and a few ponies won't be noticed except by you. What counts is how it performs on the track!(and the street)!
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jh 2004 mach
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Re: Do gears affect Dyno Numbers?

thats true dont matter to me she performs just fine
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Re: Do gears affect Dyno Numbers?

Just wanted to post my experience.

Here is a dyno of my car. The green line is with 4.10 gears, the red line is 4.56 gears plus I added long tube headers and an off road x vs the off road prochamber and stock manifolds I ran during the green line. Both runs were dyno'd on the same dyno, both SAE corrected, and both received dyno tunes by the same tuner (air fuel and timing were nearly identical).

Assuming the long tube headers gained me 12hp (which is common), I lost 4% due to the gear change. So my numbers should be more like 326hp/322tq.

Originally Posted by My mods at time of this post
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Tuned by me with SCT Advantage

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Re: Do gears affect Dyno Numbers?

When my budduy dynoed his car we did a pull in 3rd and in 4th with same tune and car made 20more hp in 4th. just thought i would tow that out there car was a 96 g with a stick and 3.73
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TUNED by ME!....with SCT proracer softwear!!
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new times:1.7-60' 1/8-7.724 @92.4 and 11.8 @118 1/4

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times: 1.8 60' 12.8 @111

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