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Forum Rules - All Please Read! Please Read & Understand before posting....New Members, Vendors, advertisers, etc..

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Exclamation All New Users Please Read!! BEFORE POSTING

Registration to this forum is FREE. However, we do insist that you abide by a few simple rules and policies detailed below:

BEFORE POSTING! Please do a 'SEARCH' http://www.mach1registry.org/forums/search.php?s=
on your topic before posting. It has probably been posted or answered many times before!!

While specific clarifications follow in the list below, the most important aspects of the forum rules can be summarized as follows -

A. Be Nice - refrain from name calling, racist comments, and threats
B. Don't Cuss
C. No Adult Content - no explicit or suggestive nudity

1. Although the administrators and moderators of Mach1Registry.com will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages.

2. All messages express the views of the author and Mach1Registry.com dba Mach 1 Performance or Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (developers of vBulletin) will not be held responsible for the content of any message. If you see a post or message that violates these terms, please contact the webmaster or "Report To Moderator" via email. webmaster@mach1registry.com

3. The owners and operators of Mach1Registry.com reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason, and we also reserve the right to remove or disallow any user or user id, or ban IPs or Host Sites without notification if we feel you have violated this forum for any reason.

4. By clicking the "I Agree" link, you warrant that you will not post any messages or images that are hateful, obscene, vulgar, suggestively OR explicitly pornographic, threatening, FREE offers, get rich quick schemes (MLM) or otherwise in violation of any laws.

5. Please keep in mind that the primary purpose of this website is to promote the legend of the Ford Mustang Mach 1 and share Mustang related information. Discussions about other vehicles should be directed to the general topic area.

6. If you came here to "slam" or "knock" the Mach 1, other Mustangs, other vehicles or the owners on this site, don't bother hitting "Agree", your account WILL be deleted, and your posts removed.

7. This is NOT an open public opinion forum!! Topics and media files of a political or religious nature are not permitted. Also, "flaming" of members for any reason (because of mods, stock vs. non stock, etc.) is NOT acceptable behavior on THIS site. You will be banned without notice.

8. Graphics in Signature Lines are NOT used or recommended. It makes for slower loading and increasing server bandwidth. IMG or HTML are NOT allowed for Signature graphics....NO EXCEPTIONS. Graphics and images which are sexually explicit or suggestive should not be posted on the forum, in the image gallery, used as avatars, or in signatures. Links to businesses are not permitted. We do not allow FREE advertising. If you want to support the Forums and Club, please donate or ask for sponsorship.

9. DEALERS, VENDORS and BUSINESSES selling products, please check with us before posting your products, services or cars for sale. Also, spamming of members via PM or emails is strictly prohibited as is Spamming of the Forum topics to advertise your business and/or services. Absolutely NO Free Advertising or Posting of your businesses without contacting us first. Your posts will be removed if we do NOT approve. NO business Linking in signature lines.

10. Discussions concerning "street racing" or other driving activities that could endanger members of the public are not authorized or encouraged on the forums, and will, when discovered, be edited or removed at the moderator’s discretion.

This board is not for people who refuse to take responsibility for their own posts. It is not for people whose intent is to harm others or to place blame. We have a responsibility to keep the board productive for those who are serious about talking about Mach 1s and Mustangs in general and for people who are here to learn.

Therefore, to avoid any post which contains blatantly false accusations towards another member or entity, intent to harm, or petty bickering, and to uphold the guidelines, all posts will be moderated and approved, deleted, or edited by moderators.

NOTE: We have the right to move, merge or delete your posts into appropriate other threads or similar threads. So, don't be alarmed if you message is NOT where you put it originally. We also have the right to ban your account for improper behavior without notice.

We are looking for advertising sponsors for the site. We will charge you if you post your business or products without asking us first.

The ownership and management of Mach1Registry.com do not condone, endorse, approve of, or encourage speed contests on public roads, and messages posted on these forums by the membership reflect the views of the authors of said messages and do not reflect the views or opinions of the ownership of Mach1Registry.com/Mach1Performance.org.

Keep it FUN and Informative!!!

Thanks and Enjoy!

NOTE: Make sure you fill out the Registration Form COMPLETELY! Including your BIRTHDAY (DOB) and VALID EMAIL ADDRESS, it will NOT activate your membership otherwise.


AOL & VERIZON Email accounts - Please read this.

Mach1Registry.com Staff

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