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Tire Recommendations - year 2020

size 275/40 R17 - ultra high performance All Season (no DRs)
$150 +/- 20% range (per tire)
looking for something that hooks to the pavement well without sacrificing wet traction.
if it was just me driving, I'd really be looking at a summer tire. but have to think about the possibility of the offspring driving in rain. (it is pretty much going to be his car in the future.)

what do y'all like?

Cooper Zeon, maybe?

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Re: Tire Recommendations - year 2020

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Re: Tire Recommendations - year 2020

Look at the Firestone Indy 500 Firehawk, it's really a Bridgestone Potenza RA-04 repurposed. Coopers Zeon is now the RS3-G1 and more an all season mild performance tire.

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Re: Tire Recommendations - year 2020

The Firestone Indy 500 Firehawk is an excellent tire. I've been running them on the Cobra for over a year now. Fantastic dry traction and really good wet traction. Would not even think about trying them in the snow, tread design is horrible for snow. They have decent traction on subfreezing pavement given they are a summer tire. Very manageable till they get some heat in them, once warm they perform great on cold pavement.

The only complaint I have with them is the rear tires tend squeal when fighting for grip. Haven't heard any noise when corning hard just from the rear if you give it a little too much throttle.
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Re: Tire Recommendations - year 2020

BF Goodrich KO2's!
2004 Torch Red Procharged Mach 1
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