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03Shadow Grey
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Lifter tapping noise !

I know these engines do not have lifters but that is what it sounds like.
I have read a lot of the searches on the dreaded Tick and they don't compare with what mine is doing.
It is quiet at start up and idle but when I take off in first through fifth at around 2 k and climbing under load I hear it.In all gears if I stop climbing and stay at a particular rpm its gone but if I get back on it to go, there it is. Kinda like the old lifter tap when the timing was off. I took it to the muffler shop hoping it was just an exhaust leak and they found none, Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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Does it make the noise if you rev it up in neutral? If so break out a stethoscope (aka long screw driver) and see if you can pin point it. I had main tensioners go bad that would make noise at random times.

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03Shadow Grey
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Re: Lifter tapping noise !

No, no noise at neural. It has to be under a load , idling or coasting at constant speed wont make it happen but thanks for the suggestion.
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Re: Lifter tapping noise !

Just throwing this out there, is the A/C (defrost) on? I was thinking the tensioner was going bad on mine, but when I shut off the A/C the noise went away. Sounds like my compressor is going bad. Just a thought. Curious what the solution is for you....
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