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Swapping from 93 to 116 Octane - best way to get all the old 93 out

Hey guys! Haven't been on in a while - the mach is still running great. I have a question because I just got a tune for some Fuse 116, but I was curious what the best, easiest, and cleanest way was, to get all the 93 out of the tank so i can put some race gas in.

I read you cannot siphon because of a 1-way valve in the filler neck.

The next option is disconnecting the fuel line at the rail and bumping the key, but the fuel pump will stop after a second or two, correct? That would take an hour!

I am just below 1/4 tank, so there isn't that much fuel in there. Any advice?
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442/435 @ the rear ALL MOTOR -Race Gas
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