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Tuning & Dyno Testing/Results Questions, experiences & results for electronic tuning and dyno tests

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The suspense is killing me.. dyno vid

Well, i finally have been able to get this setup fully tuned. its been a road full of speedbumps to say the least but oh well it was worth it. Sorry i know its not a mach but still my favorite 32v forum so ill post it up. I took the car back to a local tuner who put the basetune on it. I had some issues to work out and they all were fixed so i figured well its time to see what she can do.

In september 2016, the basetune (i call it) was applied and the car was pretty much broken in on the dyno and with tons of issues it made 370rw and a low 310tq. The car ran like a raped ape but the more issues i found i knew the more it was going to need a retune. Fast forward to this week, get the car on the rollers and im told that theyre SCT dyno software is offline and not reporting. LAME!!! But, i still want the car tuned so i can deal with no numbers.

The car this time was able to let the tuner put about 24* degrees total timing before showing some signs on the street of detonation. Which makes sense , since out here on the west coast our pump gas is only 91 octane. the tuner knows his **** and is big in the modular/coyote street scene out here so i take his word on opinions. He tells me on E85 itd be a beast but honestly if i have E85 in this car, its gonna have a huge centri on the front of it haha. Anyways the AFR is 12.8-12.9 all the way to limiter and has a wicked pull to it. Now im super anxious to get it to the track and put some time slips under my belt on this setup. They did say that they would be able to get me the dynosheet in 48-72 hours, but well see.


In case anyone asks..
limiter set at 7200

Built 284ci 11.5cr
Comp stage 3s, degreed
01 cobra heads
roys ported polished mani
full bolt ons and some
Kooks longtubes
2001 Zinc yellow SVT Cobra
Forged 11.5CR 284ci
Comp 106500 cams - Degreed
01 cobra Heads - tastefully modded
Roys ported/polished Intake
Kooks longtubes, Magnaflow catback
D&D T3650, Mgw shifted
FTB Goodies, 4.30s, FRPP diff cover, 31 splined IRS
04 cobra interior , black termy seats, Speedhut gauges
Tubular K, MM coilovers/ Koni SA yellows
Base tuned @ 17* timing ..370rwh
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Re: The suspense is killing me.. dyno vid

Awesome. Any guesses at all?

P.S.- that real wheel/tire fitment is perfect!
03 TR Mach 1
-Offroad X pipe
-Borla Stingers
-K&N Intake
-Roys 3/8" spacer
-SCT X3 w/ LaSota tune
-18" AFS Mach 1 reps wrapped in Neeto.

-4.10s and built rear in the works!
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