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Steering Issue

I'm trying to figure out whether this is normal with the rack and pinion on the mach or not. I don't believe it is but some other opinions would help. Recently work my car jacked up I did my usual check of play with the front wheels and when grabbing at the 3 and 9 I had some pretty significant play when pushing and pulling. Since I had just replaced the outer tie rod ends I figure it has to be the inners. So I bought need ones from AutoZone and were a little longer so did my best to figure out tie rod and positioning on the new ones. Put everything back together and have the wheel a check at the 3 and 9 and it still has the same substantial give and take. I feel like I always remember it being solid with no give but I'm not solid on my memory as much as years past. I guess I'm trying figure out where my problem lies because I know there is something significantly wrong steering wise as now as it grossly over steers and kind of just takes off steering in a given direction once the wheels turned so far. I'm trying to get opinions as to whether it lies more than likely in my tie rod and positioning being incorrect or of the rack is finally shot like I think it is. We just recently had a really deep freeze here in Kentucky that I'm wondering if it did some damage to seals in the rack or something because now u have a significant leak under the car that I think is power steering fluid. It never had a steering issue or leak before this freeze. It was bad enough that it also killed my fuel pump. I had a video of the wheel play but won't let me upload it. Here's a link to it hopefully that works:

Again, tie rod inner and ends are new. The rack shaft itself lives in and out as well as moving the steering wheel too. Thanks for any input.
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