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j rick kirby
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Re: Important Information About Mobile 1 Synthetic Motor Oil For Mach 1's

Don't know if it's true but I was told over the weekend my one of my car building buddies that the M1 for older motors has more zinc and other anti wear additives in it and they can do that because they don't have to conform to the same rules as oil for new cars.
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Re: Important Information About Mobile 1 Synthetic Motor Oil For Mach 1's

Originally Posted by eruza View Post
I spent a few hours searching and aside from sending a sample out to Blackstone and proving it's worth myself, I'm going to have to avoid Royal Purple. Call it peer pressure, I suppose lol. I've been too chicken to switch to a yearly oil change with it (or Mobil 1), even though I'm around 5k or less miles per year in the Mach. I've been wanting to try Amsoil anyway, and I'd have to wait for Royal Purple HPS, so now is as good of a time as any.
I use Amsoil for the added zinc and its ability to hold up when running E85. However, I still change it often, E85 is rough on oil.
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