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Re: Gears - to answer the questions once and for all

Originally Posted by 311-420 View Post
I've tested and proven this, but this crowd will never believe it until they match up with another mach with stock gears and get pulled.
yes exactly!!! ive posted videos and people still cant believe it.. they just cant get over the "feeling" and "visual" (rpm tach) of 410s and up...
2003 Mach 1 5spd Black with IUP
Engine Mods: cone filter, Crower stage 2 cams, Hooker long tubes, SLP Powerflo exhaust
Rear end: Cobra diff, moser axles, 3.73 gears, Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft
Suspension: Eibach Pro kit with poly isolators
And some other small things...

348.6/331.6 sae
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Re: Gears - to answer the questions once and for all

Unless there is a difference in the parasitic loss I don't see how the car would know the difference between 355's and 410's from a roll? Running two different ratio's against each other would give one or the other an advantage depending on the speed/rpm of the start.

The exception would be a car with a blower/turbo.
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Re: Gears - to answer the questions once and for all

The majority of any gear set difference will be off the line and in the first two gears, once the ratio of 3rd with 3.73 as opposed to say 4th with 4.30, (may not be an exact calculation) add up they will be the same. It's the combination of the two ratios at any given speed that will be the comparison.

Also, if you are running the 1/8 mile and you are shifting with a 100 feet of track left, you should either gear up so you shift earlier, my choice, or go with a slightly taller tire so you dont have to shift at all.
1971 Mustang Coupe

1985 Mustang GT T-tops

2003 Azure Blue
IUP Automatic
One of 453
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Built on February 24th 2003
Eibach Pro-Kit, no ISO's in rear
Magnapacks CatBacks
Mac O/R X-pipe
K&N Drop in filter
4.10 Ford Racing Gears
SCT Tuned by Bama
Best 1/4 13.55 @ 102.11
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Re: Gears - to answer the questions once and for all

should i go 3:90 or stay 3:55 on my automatic 03 mach with a p1 procharger.... my friend had 3:90s on his 99 cobra and i was def impressed.... if anyone has tried one on a blown mach id love to see what ya thought
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Re: Gears - to answer the questions once and for all

I guess I should update this thread with another calculation since this seems more appropriate now for my garage queen mach...

4th gear (1:1), trap speeds at 6100rpm (stock engine peak) 6500 rpm (minor bolt-ons shift point), 6800 rpm (psr/cobra cams shift point)
HTML Code:
26" tire:
Gear	6100rpm		6500rpm		6800rpm
3.55:	133		141.7		148.2
3.73:	126.5		134.8		141.1
3.90:	121		129		134.9
4.10:	115.1		122.7		128.3
4.30:	109.8		117		122.4
4.56:	103.5		110.3		115.4

28" tire:
Gear	6100rpm		6500rpm		6800rpm
3.55:	143.2		152.6		159.6
3.73:	136.3		145.2		151.9
3.90:	130.3		138.9		145.3
4.10:	124		132.1		138.2
4.30:	118.2		126		131.8
4.56:	111.5		118.8		124.3
4.88:	104.2		111		116.1
I'm on 4.56s right now, and I think that for the car's 10 year birthday this year (xmas 2013) it's time I stop messing around with N/A stuff and strap a bottle to it. Since I love the 4.56s on the street, and not wanting to shift into 5th at the track, I think a 28" slick will be in my future. I imagine a lot of the people in my situation, running out of bolt-ons and trapping over 110 are in the same boat; and adding a bunch more power requires either less gear or a bigger tire. For me bigger tire makes more sense - more traction, and keep the 4.56s and 26" tires on the street, if I ever drive it on the street again.
2013 gt - TBD
2004 mach1 - 12.31@110.17, 1.645 60' - SOLD
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Re: Gears - to answer the questions once and for all

For what its worth, my buddy went from being really far back in his bolt on 3V to being a lot closer to my Mach when he switched from 3.30s to 4.10s.

However he only traps 96mph vs my 104mph. (282hp dyno vs my 315hp).

Vortech V2 S-trim, E85, A2A Treadstone, Comp cams, built engine, full exhaust, built rear, built 4r70, more mods.

Tuned by me with SCT Advantage
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Re: Gears - to answer the questions once and for all

In our group, all the guys had 4.10 gears with a few bolt ons. I was stock with 3.27s (we're talking GTs here). In street races, I'd stay fender to fender with them every time, whether from a dig or from a roll. After I did some bolt-ons but left the gears stock, I started to pull on them. They couldn't figure out why and swore that I had nitrous or something. Nope...it's just that while my car was winding out, they were in the next lane shifting like crazy.

So... for this Mach 1 I'm planning to leave the 3.55s in place. Car seems to pull really well against highly modded 3V cars, so I'm happy with it.
2003 Mach 1 - TR3650 - Mac O/R H-pipe - Ford Racing driveshaft - Modified air intake - Nitto Motivo 315/35s on 10.5" FR500 wheels - Steeda clutch adjuster
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