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Re: Official Whipple/KB/Eaton HP/TQ/mods thread:

Originally Posted by hotford View Post
maybe go to a 6 lb lower with a larger blower pulley to help that belt from slipping, heck any belt you use making 29 psi is gonna have a hard time holding it with a 2.75, bigger pulley on the blower would help.
BTW whats your IAT at with that base compression and that boost level.
Arent aftermarket uncaged lowers considered a no-no with a blower that size?
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Re: Official Whipple/KB/Eaton HP/TQ/mods thread:

Yeah, aftermarket pulleys with this blower are a no go. It puts way too much stress on the crank snout.

As far as IATs, I didn't get any data log as I didn't do the tune. The tuner wasn't concerned with whatever he was seeing and I trust his tunes. He has always alerted me to any issues including high IATs on past tunes. When I finally get the car out for a good rip, I will data log and see what they look like.

This may be a short endeavor as I really want to go turbo now. Losing 100+ whp to turn the blower is disheartening.
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