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Re: Front Brakes How to:

Thanks Ken,

I'll double check everything this weekend, but it looks like I did it just how you described.

BTW, the rotors were brand new at the time of install. My only guess would be the anti-rattle rubbers might have fallen out or something.
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Re: Front Brakes How to:

man i cant wait to check to see if my anti rattle clips are there...this really has been driving my nuts and couldnlt figure this out at all...!!! but looks like this is the issue.

EDIT: its worked and my brakes dont make that annoying *** noise when i hit a bump anymore...thanks MACH1 Regitry..!!

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Re: Front Brakes How to:

Great write up!
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Re: Front Brakes How to:

Is that the squeel-jingle noise ?
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Re: Front Brakes How to:

Great write up!

To keep all questions sort of in a one stop shop.

Caliper with new pads will not slide over new rotor.

I've got the drivers side done. The rotor doesn't turn completely freely. It has a small bit of rub, but a buddy of mine tells me that's fine.

The passenger side though, I can't get the caliper with new pads of the new rotor. The front side of the caliper starts to slide over, but by the time it hits the slot in the middle of the pad it stops and just won't budge.

I took the cap off the reservoir on top of the master cylinder and the cap off the bleeder on the caliper.

Any advice? This is my first brake swap so use your dummy gloves! lol
Derick McCormick
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