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Forum Rules - All Please Read! Please Read & Understand before posting....New Members, Vendors, advertisers, etc..

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Tony Alonso
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FYI: Moderator Response & Forum Rules

In response to recent discussion about thread closing, the Registry forum moderators, with approval from Dave Wagner, are now using the practices listed below with respect to the forum rules. Breaks of each of these require moderator action, whether someone reports a post or it is seen by a moderator during a daily review.

A common approach will enable fair and consistent responses.

1) "...hateful, obscene, vulgar, explicitly sexually-orientated, porn, threatening, FREE offers, get rich quick schemes or otherwise in violation of any laws..."

RESPONSE: Deletion of item, with a PM sent to the poster, warning that if a similar post is repeated, their userid will be suspended

2)"..."slam" or "knock" the Mach 1, other Mustangs, other vehicles or the owners on this site, your account WILL be deleted, and your posts removed."

RESPONSE: Deletion of item with immediate userid suspension

3) "This is NOT an open public opinion forum!! Topics and media files of a political or religious nature are not permitted. Also, "flaming" of members for any reason (because of mods, stock vs. non stock, etc.) is NOT acceptable behavior on THIS site..."

RESPONSE: Post a warning message on thread, reminding the poster that "flaming and personal attacks are not acceptable". Edit out the offending remarks. If it happens a second time, the thread will be reviewed by 3 moderators for possible closure. If all agree, then it will be closed. If the same poster does this more than 3 times in a 24-hr period, the userid will be temporarily suspended for 3 days. NOTE - Political, religious, and explicity sexually oriented content still remain off limits on the forums.

4) "Therefore, to avoid any post which contains blatantly false accusations towards another member or entity, intent to harm, or petty bickering, and to uphold the guidelines, all posts will be moderated and approved, deleted, or edited by Moderators..."

RESPONSE: Same as above.

Lastly, as far as avatar pictures, the following will be added to the forum rules -

"8. Graphics in Signature Lines are NOT used or recommended. It makes for slower loading and increasing server bandwidth. IMG or HTML are NOT allowed for Signature graphics....NO EXCEPTIONS. Graphics and images which are sexually explicit should not be posted on the forum or in the image gallery."

If you have any questions, please direct them to Dave Wagner (03mach1) or any of the moderators.
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