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Possible Gear Install f-up 😒

So to start...I shouldíve paid a shop to do my gear install. Had the parts for a while and was strap for cash. So I had someone on the side do it.

So after break in period I started noticing a noise when backing into my driveway. My driveway has a small incline so when I backed the car up, feathered the clutch and gas on the driveway to give a rocking feel, as it was backing up it would sound like the I was adding stress causing hard grinding/rubbing sound. Found out I had a leak at the rear. After break in period I decided to change the oil and check things myself. Had royal purple in there and with less than 800 miles the oil was grey. Oil was leaking at the pinion seal and cover.

My question(s) for all of you is this... if the pinion flange was installed without marking or counting threads to get previous pre-load, how can I install a new pinion seal and make the new nut is at the right pre-load? The old crush sleeve was used. If that was used and not following the original pre-load, could that cause the issues Iím heaving? If so, can that crush sleeve be replaced?

Iím not sure the flange nut was marked so the new flange nut was installed to the pre-load as original install. Also, the original crush-sleeve was used. Is it common to use the old crush-sleeve? When i goto install the new pinion seal, how
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Re: Possible Gear Install f-up 😒

From my own, sad, experience...always use a new crush sleeve.

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Re: Possible Gear Install f-up 😒

I always use a new crush sleeve. Sounds like you will need to pull it apart, install a new crush sleeve and pinion seal. The carrier needs to be out of the rear end to properly measure the bearing preload. The preload needs to be 8-16 in. lbs. for used bearings and 22-28 in. lbs. for new bearings. Crushing the sleeve is no easy task either. An impact will get things going but you will need a flange holder tool and some hefty breaker bars to completely crush it. Work slow with the install as once it starts to crush, the preload jumps quickly. You don't want to put too much preload and then back the flange nut off as you will just have to start over with a new sleeve.

Also, did you get a good pattern on the ring gear when installing the new gears? I always hold the ring gear tight when testing the pattern. If you didn't get all that done right, you maybe chewing up the bearings or gear faces. The gear oil shouldn't be discolored after such a short time unless you are chewing something up.
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