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Re: New build

little more I finished my tack welds on right apron and lower frame rail cover. FOR all the non welders...this is actually a easy project IF you have the time and patience. Easy tack welds are simple quick bursts...then grind the high spots down.
Once everything was ground down I put a SMALL thin layer of fiber-smart filler. (fiberglass) over the spots and filled in voids. I let set up for about 10 minutes and then grabbed 80 grit and started knocking it down. THIS stuff turns HARD as a rock quickly and if you wait on it you will be sanding for days.
I still have 3m filler to go over that and then fine glaze coat before priming entire thing. (long way to go for now)

anyways...couple pics of progress...i will post more pics of the process I am using as i go along too. This may differ from others but I feel this will give the perfect smooth look I am going for.
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