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Re: Raised shaker, some problems

Originally posted by sharp4.6
Before and after raising it, the shaker was lower on the right side, being anal retentive about my car it was driving me nuts!

Not wanting to put any more stress on the plastic studs, by putting more washers under that side I raised the ball stud plate with 3 ss washers under the front bolt, between the alum. mounting bracket and the ball stud plate, and a large thick washer under the flat thick adjustment plate.

Put the shaker back on, it was perfect!
Thanks for your post 'sharp4.6'. Having just raised my shaker, I raised the right side more to level the shaker. Now, the bottom of the shaker opening is also even with the top of the hood. Without reading you post, I might not have paid attention to getting the shaker level.

Greenville, NC
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