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Re: Carlisle All Ford nationals - Mach 1 Registry Meet June 6-8, 2008

Originally Posted by bris09 View Post
Mike won't have to compete against you. I doubt he registered as being modded and I know you can't register as being stock. Gee, with you in the modded class I don't even have to finish detailing the car. Guess it's good I could careless about winning anything and just enjoy hanging out with other car nuts.
Id get killed in the clean department anyways . My car needs a lot of touch-up items to really make it show ready . Not totally into all that . Now SparksMach1 is about the cleanest Mach ive ever seen . Its cleaner then mine when i bought it off the trailer . Really is a nice piece . I plan on cruisn the old stangs , something about those cars , havnt figured it out yet ?

Im there just to hang and shoot da shiat . It does not matter if i win or lose . I want to see 50 Machs in one area is what i really want . Now thats picture for sure . I know Haeg has a nice camera with photo skills . How could you get high enough to shoot a panoramic view ?
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