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Re: Anyone in the New Orleans/Baton Rouge Area?

Originally Posted by falcongtho3 View Post
Yep, me!
Don't see many Mach 1s around now.
Andy from Andy's Hobby Towne have a super low mileage SY car, and Stormin Norman has a really sweet low mileage TR '04. And we have a club member (Shaker1) with a very nice ZY car. I see a few every once in a while, but they are few and far between.
If there's a local show I'd like to see a good turn out, regardless of condition. My paint is going bad on the front cap, and the interior is in need of help.

Keep me posted and I'll try and make the next one. I just posted on the Mach1 Facebook page to try and get some more folks on here. See if we can get a little more community going!
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