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Re: Removing Valve Covers and Installing Cobra Cams - A Complete How To With Pics

Not really a how too,just a few pics to get an idea,little more extensive pulling engine and trans/k member etc,but with all the work I needed to do it was a no brainer..Also along with the cobra cam install I did a head cooling kit,built t45 (yes a t45,I was not going to pass on a fresh t45source trans including billet shift forks,less than 1k miles for $1k,my 3650 has had hardly a 2nd gear for months while I collected parts) Anyway here you go,cam key ways at 6 o'clock,TDC and all dot to dot with pink nail polish lol..I had previously already installed longtubes,jlt,430s,7/8ths intake spacer and multiple suspension goodies..My buddy Vndcatr tunes the car with sct prp hope to go 11s in march.

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