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FS: Red, White or Blue Autoart Diecasts

I have 4 Autoart diecasts for sale. None of them ever out of the box. All brand new.

Azure Blue: Diecast is brand new, never opened, but is missing the tri-bar pony badge on the driver's side. Their is no damage where the decal is missing. $120 shipped.

2 Torch Red: Yes, Torch Red and NOT Comp. Orange. Both diecasts and box are mint. $120 shipped.

Oxford White: Box is alittle peeled back on side flap about 1/4", but still 99% mint.
$120 shipped.

Prices are not negotiable. First come, first serve basis. If someone decides not to buy one and your next in line, I'll contact you. I can't post pics on this site, so PM me your e-mail and I can send you pics.

U.S. shipping ONLY. Pay via Pay Pal.
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