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Re: Carlisle All Ford nationals - Mach 1 Registry Meet June 6-8, 2008

Originally Posted by boney View Post
Hey Guys

Got the mach out and I am cleaning it today. Looking forward to Carlisle this year...

I might be in China working for the next 2 years; leaving in July.

I am going have to watch the miles on the Mach, it is up to 3,800 miles now.....

ps Granddaughter is doing well thanks for the prayers and concern.

Dave, glad to hear the grandbaby is doing well.

How are you putting so many miles on that Mach? This is only the sixth year you've taken it out of the plastic and drove it to Carlisle.

You should be able to get lot's of cheap stuff in China, everything I seem to buy now days comes from China and you will be able to save on shipping.

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