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Re: Nj Mach 1 Sightings

Originally Posted by Uloset View Post
There is a cruse night in Robbinsville TWP on Thursday nights at the Foxmoor Shopping Center, sometimes there is a younger girl with a White Mach that shows up there. I never feel like my car is clean enough, so even though I attend just about every week it has never made an appearance.
I'll have to get back out to one of them, I usually get to 1 or 2 of the Friendly's meets a year. I know of the young lady in the white Mach1 I believe her BF has a Foxbody. BTW unless your car is a wreck its nice enough to bring over. I don't usually lift the hood even. Not looking to get a trophy, just hanging out with a good parking spot. Maybe see you at one. I could be in a Grabber Blue GT500, Yellow Mach1 or a black 87 LX 5.0...
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