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Re: I keep popping the FRPS!!

It's true I probably don't need the BAP at this power level, but my tuner believes something else is the culprit since there are thousands of Cobras running around with this same fuel setup. I was also using the BAP and these dual pumps on the same settings with the previous tune for months at 448 rwhp before the upgrade with no FRPS problems.

I think he's going to take a look at the tune, since a new tune was also part of the latest upgrades of course... maybe he'll see something in there. He's a great tuner though, one of the best Ford guys in the midwest.

I've actually got the car at his shop right now and he's trying to pin down the issue, but was seeing if any of you guys had any ideas as well. The collective knowledge here is awesome.

DSG2003Mach1: Yeah I was thinking about a KB burst disc, I'm going to see if we can figure out the real cause as well though... then add one of those for extra protection.
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