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Re: Battery to power distribution voltage drop issue

Originally Posted by texas_snake View Post
There should be a very small part number on them on the side (might have 2 different numbers on each side). Try googling them and see what turns up. Aftermarket injectors might come in different colors. But from what I saw when checking into it, many try to stick to ford colors. The colors might change based on model (ev*), but we should be EV6.

So likely they are 24 lb injectors that were replaced with aftermarket. I believe Bosche was the original maker.
Here is a good link on mustang injectors.
Just making sure the rest of your injectors weren't wrong too. The factory set is definitely black, so when you said green and were already dealing with mismatched just doesn't make too much sense to swap factory injectors with aftermarket ones that are supposed to be the same size. But who knows what the po was thinking.
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