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Re: Battery to power distribution voltage drop issue

yeah, could just be either lazy or clueless work.

I found another ridiculous mistake on the car. I saw a blue injector on cyl #6 which is odd as we use 24 lb green injectors on the mach 1 (my 03 Cobra uses the blue). Checked the part # and sure enough, it was from a Cobra. It was a 39 lb injector mixed in with our stock 24 lb green injectors. I was seeing driver side O2 sensor readings as rich with Bluedriver obd 2 scanner and that was the reason why. Could not believe that hack. Replaced it right away. I am looking over every inch of the car as it is clear I can't trust any of the prior work. I am about done though. Had to bring the car back to the quality it deserves as a limited edition. Love the car.
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