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Re: Battery to power distribution voltage drop issue

OK, I admit it was scary as I thought I might end up ripping off the bolt on the power distribution block trying to get that nut off. But with some help and special tools I was able to get it off OK.

I found the reason the dumb-a$$ before me didn't put the Alt connection on the power distribution box (fuse box) is they replaced the end on it (had broken off on the bolt on the fuse box (found the broken piece) and put a small tip on it and it did not fit on the fuse box bolt, so they added it to the positive battery post. IT DOES NOT BELONG THERE! The smaller red wire going from the positive battery post to the fuse box will overheat with too many accessories on and they you start hitting big voltage drop to the entire car.

After some time my PCM hit below 12 volts and the car would act up (instrument gauges reset while driving, lights flicker, etc).

This was the fix to all of that. I can see with Forscan the PCM is now healthy on vpwr (over 12 volts with load to the pcm always). Alt is good (better than my 03 Cobra as I compared them).

So bottom line, the 2 grey wires, which are from the Alt, MUST GO TO THE FUSE BOX.

Hopefully this helps the next guy if they see this thread. As I stated, I have been working the shade tree mechanic out of this car (3 prior owners). Almost done. It is turning into a great/fun car.
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