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Re: Lift!

Thanks for the input guys. Hoping to get a full size SUV or pick-up underneath is probably a little wishful thinking on my point. I'd definitely go with a high lift garage door opener.

It wouldn't be the end of the world not getting a truck underneath... maybe more reason to add another Stang to the stable : ).

I'll keep this thread updated whichever route I go. Thanks again for the info. I'm just totally stoked to even be in a position to be adding a lift to my garage.

Also another reason for a 4 post lift is it helps to reduce issues with not being able to open doors. Something that always irritated me about the 2 post lifts I'd use at the auto hobby shops on base when I was active duty still.

I think the jacks they sell to lift a car on a 4 post lift are called scissor jacks... I'd love to get one but they are pricey. Might just go with a jack tray and some bottle jacks to start with like you have.
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