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Re: Lift!

I installed this one over the winter, and I've been quite happy with it. My ceilings are right around 10', and there is still enough room to store my Mach and my 66 stacked, but it's close. With 11.5 feet, you may not get your 4runner and the Mach stacked. The Mach stock height is 53.5" (with the radio antenna removed) and the 4Runner is about 71". You need to add about 6-8" for the platform, and that puts you at 130-132", not including a garage door when opened. It will be very close. Measure carefully!

I use it regularly and it's performed well. Nice thing about the 4 post lifts is that you don't have to bolt them down.

They offer a jack setup for getting the wheels off the ramps, but it's pricey compared to what you can create yourself. I had a local machine shop make me a "U" shaped tray to go between the lifts and bought a pneumatic 5 ton bottle jack off of Northern tool. The combo cost me a fraction of what the ones for the lifts go for, and it works just as well.

You will need to have a forklift present for delivery, and having an engine hoist for assembly makes it much easier.

As mentioned by AB_Mach1, I did install a side mount garage door opener to give me more height. I also increased my track length for the door so that it just about scrapes the ceiling to maximize my room.
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