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Re: Lift!

Originally Posted by USMCWeatherMan View Post
Anyone have any experience or input on car lifts? I'll be looking to get one installed in my garage in the next several months. Now that the Mach isnt my DD anymore, it sits a lot.

So the lift will be two-fold: (1) Storage for the Mach when not driving it and (2) Be able to do my own maintenance on all my vehicles.

Ideally while the Mach is stored, I'd love to be able to park another vehicle underneath it. Right now I've got a '03 4Runner, but here in the next few years I want to grab up an F150.

So the lift will ideally be able to support parking something of that size underneath it.

Due to wanting to park underneath and using the lift for storage, I am looking at a 4 post lift.

I'm fortunate enough that the ceilings in my garage are 11.5ft high.

The two lifts I am eyeballing now are:

Atlas Garage Pro 8000 EXT-L

and the

Bendpak HD-7W

Both of these appear to be able to support lifting the vehicle that high and also have the width to support parking vehicles of that size underneath.

Anyone have any experience with either of these lifts, or can offer input on either of them....or have any other lift recommendations?

Thanks in advance
You need to speak with JDraper on the registry he can be reached on the Mach1 FB page. He has a lift he stores his car on and use's for service. Its in a standard garage not very tall but it works. On FB I think he's Jeff n Sue Draper. Or he might see your thread, but to be honest I was thinking this was a post about the car service like Uber. Although I guess that's a LYFT...
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