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Re: Fails to start when outside temps over 100

Originally Posted by DSG2003Mach1 View Post
at this point I would be suspecting the fuel pump but really all I can think of is to trouble shoot when it wont start.

When everything is normal if you turn the key to the run position can you hear the fuel pump prime for a few seconds? If so I would try this when it wont start and see if you can hear the pump prime. If not then you basically need a second person - use a volt meter and check the plug going OUT of the FPDM (have someone else turn the key forward and see if the pin(s) that power the fuel pump are getting proper voltage). If theres no power going out to the pump its going to have be traced further up the line. If there is voltage then it would basically have to be the pump
This. Still the original pump?
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