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Re: Thanks All!

[QUOTE=Bart]Hi Steve - it was about 10:30 here and I wasn't sleepy, so decided to take a few shots and post them. Fortunately, my wife still likes my warm body.

Specifics on the paint: PPG #902178 - 2003 Ford Car & Truck Interior " Medium Gray Metallic". It's Deltron DIU Interior Basecoat Color that does not require clearcoating.

The Sprayer I used:
I bought mine from the paint supplier. It was only $4.79 as you don't need all the extra jars, etc. One air source is good for about 12 ounces of paint.

I did ask if they could just put the paint in a spray can. They can't because to work properly this paint needs to be mixed with a reducer/hardner. The paint when mixed with the hardner has a "working life" of about three hours. Consequently, the sprayer is the perfect choice. I just had them mix up a 2oz bottle of touch up and that was plenty. Clean the part well (I did not sand them, although you could very lightly with about 600 grit). Then just shake the paint well to agitate the metallic, put about 1/2 oz in the sprayer and add the reducer (3/4 oz). Gently shake to mix and then spray. Be sure to keep the sprayer pretty level (in other words, hold the part up) because with the small amount of paint in the sprayer, if it's tipped too far while spraying, it will stop feeding the paint. Keep a distance and mist the paint on, as the IUP paint is put on pretty dry. Actually, it's very easy, despite all the words I just used. Lastly, clean the sprayer well with thinner and you will have it for future use.

Originally, I thought of spraying other interior trim pieces as well but decided not to (at least for now) because I did not want to have that "Oh, he painted all that" look. I was hoping for it to look sharp and like it came that way from the factory. To me, that look is there so I'm very likely done.

Best to all,

Bart ( Barry) [/

Near the end of this thread someone says they acn't find the paint. I went to the ppg website and the ppg# 902178 is not found. Does anyone know the correct paint code? I am goingt to attempt to paint the radio face. Also does anyone know how to remove the stock radio face?
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