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Re: Carlisle All Ford nationals - Mach 1 Registry Meet June 6-8, 2008

Originally Posted by Nekasrof View Post
Well, not at Carlisle with you guys but I'm in Weatherly with another Mach from the board. I have taken the record for the Weatherly track. Hehe, by .006sec. But a record is a record. AND by a Mach. Black is holding the current ESP record so arguements about color......hahaha. I am hoping someone got a decent picture of me close to the end of the day going over the 'jump' when my times were really improving. No, Machs weren't supposed to leave the ground, but you gotta if you wanna be fast here.

How's the weather? Nice and steamy there? Was hot in Weatherly but I know it's cooler than Carlisle since we're in the Pocono Mts. Anyway, have a great time! See some of you guys on the Crab Run.
Congrats on the record .
Anyone shoot a vid of it ?

It was hot and steamy , hot and steamy , and hot and steamy .
Lots of beautiful cars out there .

This was my 1st time to Carlisle . I cant say enough how organized and prepared the staff was for this event . Simply amazing start to finish .
The Hotel was fantastic . The rooms were above average . Very nice !

It was nice to see everyone and catch up . Finally met some of you in person for the first time . Thanks to all that take there very valuable time to put these events together .

Most of you went to bed around 1030 after the BBQ . Thats when all the funny shiat started happening . We , about 7 of us worked up a hunger . I defenitely wasnt driving . Thanks Mark/Sparks Mach 1 for taking my drunk azz to Giant . We went with Filet Mignon and boneless Chicken breast BTW ..
As the evening progressed so did the drunkeness . Needless to say one of guys no name mentioned , found himself flipping the bench over face first . That was just the beginning . Im guessing he flopped and fell on the ground for the next half of an hour until such time we made him get something into his stomach . Well it wasnt long after that that he passed out on the sidewalk to start the heaving process . Well around 2am we literally carried him to his car so that his totally sober younger brother could take him home .

It was a great evening .

It was much funnier in person .
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