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Re: Got a deal on a 2016 Prem GT

Originally Posted by TKat13 View Post
Congrats on the car and glad you are keeping the Mach. We kept ours after getting our '16 CS/GT as well.

As far as the traction control, a good tuner can completely disable all nanny controls, but be careful what you ask for, car breaks loose very quickly when ALL nannys are off. After turning them off, I had them put back on since my wife if the normal driver. But you are correct, the traction 'off' from the driver is not really off.

I know a good friend that can wheel any car, he got used to the traction control being in the normal off position; he figured out how to fully turn it off and lost control of it two weeks later (big wreck), but to be honest, he was making 1000+ rwhp at the time. He told me he had no idea how much the 'off' nanny was really doing keeping it straight. The system is so much better than the Mach's traction control.
That's why I wanted to selectively be able to shut them down. My wife is also the primary driver of the GT/CS, but once in a while, I'd like to be able to have a little fun without nanny holding the reins.
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