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Re: Got a deal on a 2016 Prem GT

Originally Posted by rich1 View Post
BTW CAN turn off ALL the nannies ! Drag racers trick, unplug connector on the drivers side fender and the dash will light up like Christmas.I think the cold weather is not good for the all -season stock tires ,causes spinning.Going to look for a summer tire set in the spring.

I read where you could turn everything off like that, but was hoping I could do it without going that far.

The all season stock tires aren't that good even in warm weather. I would go for a good summer tire, but we will drive this in colder temps too. Once we kill these tires , it will probably get a set of Continental Extreme Contact DWS tires. It's a partial daily driver. I doubt we will take it out in the snow, but it will be driven year round.
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