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Re: Carlisle All Ford nationals - Mach 1 Registry Meet June 6-8, 2008

Originally Posted by Wldponi03 View Post
Thats Great News since my Mach will be gone by then and I'll have my 2008 GT/CS. I want to be with you guys no matter what, darn knees if they were good I would be able to keep the Mach and drive a Stick forever.
Hope you get well soon !!!!!! Sorry to hear about you knees, That surgery will make you feel alot better after you recover. I had a scope on my right knee after alot of rehab (OUCH) it was pain free, but like you my Dr. said give it 20 years and you will see me again. Going on 10 years know and a couple of slips on the ice (OUCH) and I just might have to see the Doc again.
My ACL was fubar and now my MCL has been bugging me for about 4 weeks now I am hoping it is between a class 1 or 2 strain 6 to 8 weeks. Dont know if I can make this event but I will always remember 04 Dream Cruise and that very comfortable chair and umbrella set up you have saved me from a brutal sunburn. Enjoy your new ride !

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