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Re: Started with a vibration

Originally Posted by mikeracing View Post
Newest update after 3 different spider gear kits none work..... the pins are the wrong size or the gears are the wrong size for my carrier.

I give up.... ordering a yukon axle & carrier kit in 31 spline. Ford racing 4.10 and ford racing ring and pinion install kit.
**** mike I was excited till I read this,
I have the same issue with the spider gears . I found a guy selling a brand new carbon fiber clutch kit for 50$ and i"m thinking now the bearing and seal kit and spiders. No such luck finding the gears set , even the dealer wants to sell me the whole shebang for $480 28 spline.I have also read where the gt 8.8 set is too small some say its the same. I plan on calling a shop my friends use for there Jeep rebuilds and confirm to see what to do. Change it all they say but as you said that can get real expensive when all i need is spiders and refresh kit.
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