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Started with a vibration

So started with a vibration that the car has always had since i have owned it. Never really bothered me since it was only 120+mph. This winter i decided to play with it. The pinion angle was off so changed upper bushings.

Didnt help, thought maybe the alumium drive shaft was off balance put the factory shaft on... nope.

Decided to check the rear end. Pulled the cover and ooohhhh **** the spider gears are broke. Tear down and cleaning only damage spider gears. Waiting on parts

My 2 worries were a bent shaft in the trans but dosent appear to be. Ordered a slip yoke bushing since that was what went in my lasy mustang with similar vibration. Just assumed it was something else.

All in all glad i found the broken gears just a pain in the *** on my back. I miss having a lift
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