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Originally Posted by ricky bobby View Post
nice to see new members.

nice too see someone restoring a mach and valuing the stock form.

I have changed mine quite a bit but pulled the stock motor and had a new one built for the job.

my stocker only has 13 000 miles.

I figured I would hold onto it and keep them together.

This car is rare enough and has low enough miles that I want to keep it close to stock. I am modding things but it’s more on the lines of what I think ford should’ve done to the Mach 1 to begin with. I mean it has a GT body. The Mach 1 is special and holds a lot of history. It deserves a unique body for itself. That’s why most mods with the exterior will be 100% factory ford mods: ambers, Terminator mirrors, 99/01 front bumper, Terminator trunk lid, etc. Then interior will be returned to stock colors; previous owner painted many interior pieces silver to match the center console. Engine will remain stock for the most part besides cams and longtubes; that’s all I want to do, no porting whatsoever. I plan on a Terminator T56 and already have a Terminator IRS being held for me. That’s pretty much all I have planned minus a few minor touches (coil covers, side valance, etc.) and miscellaneous “return to stock” plans.

Pick your poison.
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