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Re: Fuel pump replacement tips

Ive had much better luck with the little anodized fuel line tools than the plastic or metal X tools. I fought the damned line attached to the pump (fuel filter side was easy) for waaaay too long before I finally went to autozone and got the anodized set...popped off first try

the gasket for the hat and filler neck might be good to replace just on GP at this point in their life.

Also the little check ball assembly clips onto the end of the filler neck, make sure it doesnt fall off while removing/reinstalling.

the evap connections are pretty simple to manipulate. I use a trans jack or a jack with a good size board on it to support the tank. When raising the tank make sure not to jack it up too far, people have dented the bottom of the tank and it smashes the fuel filter sock, not good for the pump
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