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Re: What to do to get 300 rwhp on a Mach 1

Originally Posted by knightmeir View Post
I've been researching the hell out of this site and see a lot of different things people have done to their beasts...

Based on what I've got ordered (see sig), the oh so glorious K&N, and a tune, what else would I need to do in your opinions to push it over 300 if it's putting out let's say a modest 270 to the wheels stock?

I'm pretty much sticking with bolt-ons for now. MAYBE down the road I'll give it a power-adder, but in reality I don't forsee a real reason for me to do so. It saddens me to even consider doing anything that would render the shaker useless. But I'd like to avoid things such as changing out pulleys based on the negative things I've read about.
put in a php intake spacer
2003 Darkshadow grey Mach1
BBK ceramic longtubes
BBK shorty catted h-pipe
SSS Cat Back with Adrenaline mufflers
PHP Intake Spacer
MGW short throw shifter
frpp aluminum driveshaft
frpp 4.10 gears
Moser 31 spline axles
320rwhp 332lbs torque
:best quarter mile time: (before longtube install)
60 1.932
330 5.539
1/8 8.486
mph 84.02
1000 11.038
1/4 13.184
mph 103.82
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