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Re: 4v cam specs: Stock, FRPP and Aftermarket

Originally Posted by tmhutch View Post
Comp offers two ramp rates for the 4v modular. Do you know how these ramp rates compare to Comps more aggressive lobe? Definately interesting options you're giving us. Appreciate you going out on a limb to innovate for the forgotten modulars.

As I was told NOTHING is more aggressive than the 525 lift intake series they have. Its more aggressive than the 500 and the 550 lift that share the same duration.

Bullet has a minimum of 4 different lobe profiles for modulars (and probably more if counting the pre Mark Chacon era of which I have never used) I am tight enough with Mark that if we decide on a duration/lift that doesn't exist he will just make it for me.

BTW - anyone feel free to kick out some other lobes you would like to see and if they make sense I will forward to Mark. If he sees a use for it consider it made.
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