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Engine build for all the boost!

Hey everyone! For the last 10 years, I have had a very nicely modified Mach that ran like a dream and took lots of hits on the street and track.

A simple run down of the car before now.
03 Mach 1 Azure Blue, non-IUP
Kenne Bell 2.1 @ 9psi
Stock Longblock
Stock Trans
PMP clutch
Steeda Tri Ax
60lb Injectors
Cobra tank, dual GT Supercar pumps
SLP Longtubes
Borla "Stingers"
FRPP Aluminum DS
4.10 Gears
GT Rear brake swap
17x4 / 15x10 Dark Star wheels
Hoosier bias ply fronts and bias ply QTP rears
UPR Tubular K & A arms
UPR Coil overs
UPR Control arms

I'm sure I am missing a few things. But the car made 490 RWHP on 93 with an awesome tune up from Fastlane Motorsports in Benson, NC.
Best time was 11.2 @ 127mph.

About a month ago, I was having a little too much fun with a 4 door Hellcat and ended up popping the motor.

Pulled it to find that it bent a rod, ripped the wrist pin out of the piston, and blew the side of the cylinder out.

So now I am in process of building the motor. The plan as of now is to turn the little 2.1 all the way up, and see how much steam it can produce. Ride it like that for a while, put together eaton swap parts and jam a huge twin screw on it.

Pics to come!

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