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Re: Who Autocrosses

I auto crossed mine alot, (both hsax and parking lot ax) in my experience the gearing is all wrong i was constantly bouncing between 2nd and 3rd almost never used first. Lately its been hpde or tt for me. Someday it will get a cage and it will find its way into hill climb racing.

Hr super race springs a must at the least, it really needs super race up front (or coil overs)and coil overs in the rear if neskarof is still on here he is the master at making these cars handle. The cars are front heavy so a larger front sway bar is a begining larger rear helps with the body roll but make it even more tail happy.

Overall its fun but gets expensive to be competitive. I found my self i would have to drive perfect laps and push hard to even be close. Tt racing and up around chicago hsax is way more fun and better suited.
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