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Re: Carlisle All Ford nationals - Mach 1 Registry Meet June 6-8, 2008

Originally Posted by falcongtho3 View Post
If I show I doubt I'll be driving. I'll probably fly up, but it does sound like a good plan for next year. I did do some checking into the area and it sounds like there's some other attractions to fill time if I decided to go up early (Hershey factory/park and the antique auto museum). This years plan is for Woodward, but nothign is written in stone as of yet.
John, fly into Harrisburg, go to Hertz and rent a "Ford" (a cheap one), enter it into the show, and have a great parking place for 3-days. A friend of mine with a Mark VIII used to fly in from Neveda and rent a cheapie Ford prduct for the 3-days. He's park it with the the other "Fords" in that class and hang out with us.
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