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Got a deal on a 2016 Prem GT

Well.. I decided to get another newer Mustang, I went to the dealer here and looked at a 2018 GT $$$$$$ no way gold plated under the hood.. I guess .I also know that Ford is having problems with the direct injection on other models and the only fix is to replace the heads (as per Ford).. Kinda like the Mach 1 heads different problem with same solution. I wanted to pay cash for it too but not that much and no discounts . I even found out that some idiots are selling there cars at such a loss they are upside down x2.So turned around to leave but the sales manager stopped me. He said that last year about this time he sold a 2016 GT Prem to a guy . The person came in and traded it in 2 days ago because he having back trouble. Loaded to the max $5200 in options .. Shaker 12 speaker system too. Was being sold as a CPO car too with 2 .5 years left on full warranty ...6,100 miles. Perfect..Sold
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