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Originally Posted by Machxotic View Post
Did you get a fix for this because I did the same thing. How do I turn off the rev limiter haha.
I set it at 2700rpm for launch and thought PERFECT!!! First launch fell on my face. The fuel cut off is hard haha.

Anyways. I need to get rid of this rev limiter now as it’s track day on Saturday. Any help would be fantastic.

You can’t shut them off within the x3 tuner. You have to have the software a tuner used to do this. If you are just using the tune that came with the handheld, you’ll want to get someone who can write tunes to do it. Pretty much what this dude says.

Originally Posted by jchambers View Post
You can't shut them off from the User Options menu. This is a know problem with the software. You can try (1) make sure your device is updated to the most current firmware version and (2) have your tuner write you calibrations without enabling User Options. Ask him to set the rev limiter in the software where you want it and write the .cef files without enabling User Options.

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