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Re: Questions about the intake spacers (Roy come in too)

Originally Posted by Stopsign32v View Post
You still haven't answered my question on how do you determine which one is "too big". Also how do you even figure out which size is best suited for a certain combination on a car?
For an average street car there wouldn't be much sense in going over 1 inch. I don't "figure out" witch size would be best. There is a increase in torque as the spacer gets thicker. Input I have received from a Factory Stock racer who has done dyno testing by stacking 1/4 inch spacers says that he picked up 10 ft. pounds between 4300 and 5700 rpm's with each 1/4 inch increase. I'm sure this is true to a certain extent and the power would level out at a certain point. I used a 7/8 spacer on my car for a while and it seemed to more responsive down low and in the middle witch was good for me because my trans was face plated and it didn't like being down shifted out of 5th gear. I have never went to the dyno with a bunch of spacers and dyno'd different thickness myself.
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