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03machstock 08-31-2018 03:09 PM

Anyone using sct pro racer package to tune their car themselves? Got a bolt on Mach 1 that Iím going to spray but donít want to pay for anymore dyno tunes.

lcaptmorg 09-14-2018 12:36 PM

Re: Sct PRP
Yes I used it for years before switing to a holley set up. It a great way to learn how to tune. I highly recomend purchasing it from Lasota racing along with his tunning guid. Its a lot to learn but well worh it in my opinion. Especially if you know you are going to continue building the car.

DSG2003Mach1 09-14-2018 01:00 PM

Re: Sct PRP
I have it but my car is over my head at this point, little much to cut my teeth on. The Lasota guide is good though

01yellerCobra 09-14-2018 02:13 PM

I've been using it since 2007ish. I know there are other companies that make software, but I'm comfortable with this.

03machstock 09-14-2018 08:27 PM

Re: Sct PRP
Thanks for the replies, I actually ordered it from Lasota about a week ago and I have everything I need to start now, any tips starting out?

DSG2003Mach1 09-15-2018 09:19 AM

Re: Sct PRP
read the book, make some notes

the book makes sense to be laid out the way it is to explain everything but with my return system at least I had to jump around in the book quite a bit to get everything set up for the startup tune.

I kinda wanna buy a cheap *** GT with an auto (or get another lightning lol) to cut my teeth on

rcodemach1 10-21-2018 06:54 PM

Re: Sct PRP
I have it as well. Love it. But I still have it on an ancient laptop and need to migrate it to a new one.

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